Social Media Advertising

Once you are done with creating your Facebook account for promoting your music, you may begin with uploading content on your profile. But does this make your social media advertising campaign complete? Facebook introduces a feature of ad marketing, where they will display your ads to people that are intended to bring followers to your account.

It is not as simple as it sounds. Facebook includes up to 400 data points, using which you can highly focus you add to the targeted audience. Facebook is so smart that it collects the data of your audience, and then it searches for people with the same interests as your audience. In this way, you can simplify your search and address the most vulnerable audience by your social media advertising. Want to know about how it works? Get a free consultation session with voltage circus and let’s discuss your confusions.

Voltage circus has helped many musicians in their social media advertising by targeting the relevant audience, creating highly effective ads that gain viewer attention, and bring them to your music profile. We have spent over 100.000€ on ads on different social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Our services have helped many musicians climb the ladder to success and we believe that you can also be one of them. Just concentrate on creating the best music and leave the rest of us to voltage circus. Contact us today to discuss social media advertising in detail and let’s scale your music together.