YouTube Video Ads

Spotify and Apple Music have a market share, yet YouTube is the largest music consumption platform. YouTube facilitates users through the access it offers to global consumers. Even the kids who cannot type access it by just speaking in a mic to watch their favorite cartoon show. Therefore, it serves as a great platform for musicians who can share their streams and upload their content on their music channels.

YouTube has a vast audience, and people are more connected to this platform; it is also said to be the next big social media platform. YouTube is one of the best digital platforms to advertise music in addition to other kinds of content. Doesn’t that sound interesting? Let’s talk more about it, contact us for a free session for a detailed discussion on YouTube video ads.

There is a three-step process to make things work. Since Google owns YouTube, the google ads account is needed as the first step. In the second step, a YouTube channel where you can upload the music track is required, and in the third and last step, the campaign is started on the specific channels which trigger the targeted audience towards your music.

The audience that we want is usually available at the brand channels. Brand channels are those channels that have a massive audience of music listeners and vary from country to country. Everyone is not in love with Indian, Turkish, or Arabic music, thus playing your ads on brand channels before their videos play smoothly attracts the audience towards your piece of art(music).

Now, it’s time for you to contact us so we can make a clear strategy regarding YouTube video ads, their implementation, and monitoring to ensure productive outcomes for you.