Accounting, Controlling & Project Management

Leave the office work to us.

Manage All Aspects of Your Music Career

Growing musicians don’t have time to waste on a chaotic mix of tasks. We offer project management and bookkeeping services, so you can focus on your passion.

Our account services includes billing, accounting, collection, and project management for emerging artists. Take your mind off the paperwork and back into nailing your next performance.

Making Your Journey That Much Smoother

We are the premier source for music marketing services and accounting, bookkeeping, and project management for musicians.

Finances can be troublesome to anyone, but for artists and bands it feels like the opposite extreme. Between filing taxes, paying regulatory fees, and keeping track of your budgets, it’s simply not the first thing that comes to your mind.

We get it. And we do it for you. Your musical journey shouldn’t be bogged down with number crunching and budget concerns. It should be filled with inspiration and a focus on building a relationship with your fans. So let us take care of your accounting and project management needs.

We work with local tax consultants and bookkeeping agencies who are well-versed in how to handle musicians. You’re in good hands.

Music consultant helping artist

We offer project management and bookkeeping services, so you can focus on your passion and make the best music possible!

Focus on Your Music, Leave the Rest to Us

Let us take care of the financial aspects of your rising career. With Voltage Circus at your side, you can strum out your new song, bury your mind into a songbook, and focus on your next gig.

We take care of the financial aspect of your career

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