Nearly every newcomer artist faces the same challenges—where releases result in few streams from the lack of major label support, little to no press support, and only a small fanbase (so far) for organic track support.


For this release, the challenge was to have Spotify’s algorithm pick up the release and support the track by placing it into large playlists.

Because the track was released independently, there was no backing from major labels support nor from the media. With 20k Instagram followers, Fabian Farell entered the scene as a newcomer with comparatively small fan engagement to industry heavyweights.


With a media budget of 2500€ over a 6 week period, our goal was to push the track out to potential new fans who would stream it, save it, and force the Spotify algorithm to pick it up.

In order to increase the track’s chances of getting playlisted, the campaign started a week prior to the track release by promoting a release pre-save.



Increase in Spotify Followers

Streams after 6 weeks

Cost per Click


Link Clicks

Our release strategies are always adapted to the artists audience and platform

We think it is most important to individualize every single campaign and adapt it to the artist and the platform we want to target.

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“This release campaign is a very good example for a track being pushed into the spotify algorithm through ads and from there picking up an organic performance.”

–Gernot Müller, Voltage Circus

Broken Element DJ Voltage Circus

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