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Promote your latest release everywhere.

Top the Charts with the Right Promos

Don’t leave it up to chance. Use our advertising services to promote your newest single or album and transform it from a local jam to a nationwide hit.

There’s only one way to top the charts and that’s through the power of advertising. Let’s utilize the tools in front of us to increase your influence and boost your career.

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Follower Growth Ads

Mixing advertising and organic growth, our team creates ads to increase follower growth on all the platforms that matter to you. Those follower turn into streamers, and it’s all profit from there.

Release Promotion

Our music marketing services get results. Let us help you promote your latest releases and create lasting relationships with fans and influencers.

Instagram Ads

Become the latest go-to sound for Instagram Stories and Reels with ads that promote your music, merch, and tours, directing listeners to their favorite streaming platform.

Youtube Ads

Increase YouTube views, subscribers, and comments for your music and drive traffic toward your artist profile using one of the world’s most powerful search engines.

Spotify Ads

Get your track onto Spotify playlists and into the ears of music lovers all over the world with Spotify advertising and increase your followers on the platform.

TikTok Ads

Get your music heard by millions of users by using TikTok to increase awareness of your music, increase TikTok followers, and direct them to stream your album.

Snapchat Ads

Snapchat users are fiercely loyal to the platform. Use that to your advantage and promote your sound to the masses, increasing views, awareness, and your fan base.

Facebook Ads

Boost Facebook posts to get more likes, shares, and leads for your music by using the world’s most effective way to market music online.

Merchandise Ads

Get your merchandise ads seen by who you want, when you want by using the most popular social networks as a promotional platform.

Event / Tour Promotion

When it comes to marketing your music and getting you fans, we know what works. Promote your tour or latest show with an expert advertising team designed for musicians.

With a relatively small budget, a lot of impressions were gained, good targeting and an overall smooth process

JustLuke, DJ/Producer

Promote Your Artistry, Merch, and Tours

We work with our artists to create and optimize music marketing campaigns for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify and Google. Our goal is to generate a return on investment for the artists we work with by driving meaningful action from fans.

What’s that mean for you? While you’re in the studio, we’re crafting ads that speak to your audience, engaging with fans, and making sure your music is streaming through your listeners’ earbuds.

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