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Increase awareness of your latest hits and grow your following.

Let the World Hear Your Music

Your music is what matters most, and we’re here to help you get it into the ears of more people.

Spotify is one of the best ways to do that, and we’ve been getting great results for our artist clients.

It doesn’t matter if your goal is to increase streams of a single/album, promote a show/tour, grow your Spotify followers, or raise general awareness for your music brand: we can help you achieve more with Spotify audio ads than you ever thought possible.

You’ve got something special. Let’s make sure people know it.

Spotify Ads to Make You Stand Out

We all know that having your music on Spotify is a fantastic way to reach an audience of potential fans and get your tracks out there in front of the right people. But how do you stand out?

Spotify audio ads are a highly effective way to promote your tracks, grow your followers, and let the world know who you are. We work with you to select the right type of ad to meet your needs, whether you want to drive streams of a single or album, raise awareness for a show or tour, or just spread the word about who you are as an artist.

Music consultant helping artist

Spotify takes the data, and its algorithm identifies the music kind and the location of the user. Thus, they find the right audience in the right for you in the desired regions of the world.

Let’s Spread the Word

Voltage Circus is an advertising agency for musicians. We specialize in Spotify audio ads because we know it’s the best way to grow your following and boost your streams.

We don’t just get you more followers. We get you the right followers.

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