Music streaming is the future of listening, and we’re living it. The trend we see is that even with monthly listeners increasing with every release, 80% of them drop out shortly after. The solution is getting those listeners to follow your account so they’re brought right back to your stream when you release something new. This stabilizes the listener-to-follower ratio.


Broken Element is an up-and-coming hardstyle artist with a Spotify fanbase of around 4.600 followers. To grow it further, we sat together and planned a Spotify listener growth strategy.


With a media budget of 140€ over a one week period, our goal was to maximize visibility amongst the hardstyle audience which, in turn, would generate Spotify followers.

In order to reach the right audience, we looked for interests within the hardstyle community and targeted those directly.

Additionally, we created a custom audience for Broken Element’s Instagram and Facebook engagement over the last 365 days as well as a lookalike audience using that custom audience as a source.



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We always adapt our strategies to the artist and his / her audience. This is for every single project we do at Voltage Circus.

Every artist is unique, so too should be the marketing strategy behind it.

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“Broken Element being a very production focussed act, we wanted to make sure, that his Spotify Followers represent the level of his music productions and achieved this through various Spotify Follower Ad CampAigns”

–Gernot Müller, Voltage Circus

Broken Element DJ Voltage Circus

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