Building a playlist makes it easy for followers to listen to your songs, related music, and keep up with new releases.

The biggest benefits of increasing playlist followers is increasing streams for new releases as well as supporting fellow artists by adding their songs to your playlist and vice versa.

There’s seemingly no limit to the potential playlists can provide to artists, which is why our Playlist Follower Ads has helped Kardo Records grow to new heights.


Spotify playlists are the radio for the 21st century. In the past, the biggest radio shows were the key to success for emerging artists because that’s where listeners heard new songs for the first time. Today, it’s playlists. A Spotify playlist can have literally millions of global subscribers, giving you the opportunity to expose yourself to fans around the world.


An original playlist was created by Kardo Records whose profile had 15 followers and 3 playlists.

Our advertisement was focused on the ‘Summer Hits 2021’ playlist, which had around 80 follower at the start of the campaign.

The Budget of the campaign was 300€. This was spent over a period of two weeks.


With a media budget of 300€, over a two week period, the goal was to create maximum visibility amongst the pop/mainstream audience in order to accumulate playlist follower.

To reach the right audience, we had a look at the songs in the playlist and chose some of the biggest artists to target, like Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Harry Styles, Kygo, and OneRepublic.

Additionally, we created a custom audience from Kardo Squads Instagram and Facebook engagement over the last 365 days.



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We always adapt our strategies to the artist and his / her audience. This is for every single project we do at Voltage Circus.

Every Project is unique, so too should be the marketing strategy behind it.

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“Cardo Records follows a strategy where they host own playlists and trade spots. With our camPaign we were able to help them grow their own assets.”

–Gernot Müller, Voltage Circus

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