Who’s who at Voltage Circus.

Meet the Team Behind It All

Gernot Müller

Founder & Director

Gernot brings a full decade of experience to the table here at Voltage Circus. In fact, the company is his creation, stemming from the experience he received working for Armada Music and wanting to create his own music marketing agency with a brand new direction.

In the beginning of his career, Gernot was a DJ. He understands the struggle and needs of up-and-coming artists better than anyone, allowing him to imbue his own experience and knowledge into his company’s marketing strategies. Eventually, he spent 6 years working for DanceTelevision (formerly DanceTrippin TV), of which he is now a shareholder. And finally, he made his way to Armada Music (Armin van Buuren) where he was responsible for online marketing.

During these 10 years working in the music industry, he learned everything he could about marketing for musical talent as well as consulting with international DJs. This passion and drive led him to launching Voltage Circus in 2019.

Henrik Koch

Music Marketing Consultant

Henrik has also been involved in the music industry for several years. Throughout his career before Voltage Circus, he spent his time managing small, independent artists as well as hosting events in Cologne. On top of this, he studied music business (a crucial skill for the marketing world).

His skills, knowledge, and expertise make him an invaluable asset to Voltage Circus. We can attribute much of our growth to his collaborative work on the business and management front of our services.

Music consultant helping artist

We are here to lift your artist project to the next level! We live and breathe Music Marketing every day and night. We love to help you with our experience!

Adriana Dyakova

Artist & Booking Consultant

Being in love with music her whole life, Adriana first started playing an instrument in the age of 5. Studying classical music her whole life, graduating Master of Music, playing solo Flute in many orchestras, traveled the whole world and played with many great musician she joined the entertainment scene already in the 2000 after the first touch to electronic music. It was love from first sight, which drives her until today. Intrigued with spinning records and making crowds of people dance, she taught herself how to blend and mix tracks. Her first gig was already in the 2001 and after a long break she came back organizing and promoting her first party chain of “Holyland Events“. She restarted her DJ-career during covid and now knows how to get weekly bookings as a newcomer artist. Tribal TechHouse is her specialty, playing on 3 or 4 decks, life performance or DJ set, inspired by many great names like Sebastien Leger, Marco Carola, Carl Cox, Nicole Moudaber and many more. 

Tolga Cirik

Sales Manager

Tolga is a smart and fast working man who has tackled many projects in his life. He started with interior design, worked for some festivals and promotion jobs and finally graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering. But that wasn’t enough for him. Four years ago, he started filming. In the beginning, he filmed for raves in Cologne. He quickly rose in the techno scene because he had a special way of filming DJs and captured the mood of techno parties very well. Meanwhile he is one of the most sought after videographers for hard techno DJs (I hate models, Charlie sparks, parfait, Patrick mason…) He knows exactly how the scene works, has a lot of connections and social skills as well as a good eye for trends. 

Ellen Szombathy

Social Media Manager

Ellen is the creative in our agency. Through her family she grew up with electronic music and knows the scene very well. She has always been artistically active and has a Bachelor of Art degree. She has a knack for creative projects and new ideas. From acting to painting, printing, graphic design, performance, music or installation art. She already had some exhibitions for techno parties in Hannover and Berlin. Since 2016 she is an expert in social media, creating her own content and trying out new trends. She is a likeable, young and cheerful person who understands what people want to see and likes to express herself through art and music, combining these fields. Thinking outside the box is her motto. 

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