Who’s who at Voltage Circus.

Meet the Team Behind It All

Gernot Müller

Founder & Director

Gernot brings a full decade of experience to the table here at Voltage Circus. In fact, the company is his creation, stemming from the experience he received working for Armada Music and wanting to create his own music marketing agency with a brand new direction.

In the beginning of his career, Gernot was a DJ. He understands the struggle and needs of up-and-coming artists better than anyone, allowing him to imbue his own experience and knowledge into his company’s marketing strategies. Eventually, he spent 6 years working for DanceTelevision (formerly DanceTrippin TV), of which he is now a shareholder. And finally, he made his way to Armada Music (Armin van Buuren) where he was responsible for online marketing.

During these 10 years working in the music industry, he learned everything he could about marketing for musical talent as well as consulting with international DJs. This passion and drive led him to launching Voltage Circus in 2019.

Henrik Koch

Music Marketing Consultant

Henrik has also been involved in the music industry for several years. Throughout his career before Voltage Circus, he spent his time managing small, independent artists as well as hosting events in Cologne. On top of this, he studied music business (a crucial skill for the marketing world).

His skills, knowledge, and expertise make him an invaluable asset to Voltage Circus. We can attribute much of our growth to his collaborative work on the business and management front of our services.

Music consultant helping artist

We are here to lift your artist project to the next level! We live and breathe Music Marketing every day and night. We love to help you with our experience!

Raphael Stier

Booking Consultant

Have questions? Raphael has the answers. He is the go-to consultant when artists have booking questions. Though he’s part of the Voltage Circus team, he works for the famed People & Machines booking agency, which consults top artists such as Solomun, Dubfire, and many more.

Voltage Circus is always supportive of our employee’s dreams and personal endeavors. Raphael, when he’s not with us, also works as a DJ and hosts his own events in Hamburg.

Luisa Ruffino

Creative Director

One of our newest members, Luisa takes the lead when it comes to artist consultations for new artists interested in using Voltage Circus services. Her fresh ideas and creative mindset keeps us on the cutting edge of what’s possible in music marketing, always keeping her direction unique for every artist.

She is the graphic designer and video editor for several big artists as well as an electronic dance music fanatic. Her passion and vigor drives us forward

Roberto Marinho

Music & Radio Show Producer, Graphic Design, Video Editing

Roberto has been with Voltage Circus since the beginning. He’s one of the pillars that holds this agency high, being responsible for the music development of our artists and radio show productions. We attribute much of our success to his work and cannot even begin to express our appreciation for what he does not only for the agency but for the artists who benefit most.

We all have our personal passions, and Roberto’s is graphic design. He’s one of the supporting leads in our graphic design efforts, allowing his creativity to flow beyond business and into the visual art of music.

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