Artist Development

Grow your career and develop as an artist with the guidance and support of of industry experts
Artist Development

Now’s Your Chance to Develop as an Artist

Voltage Circus is a full-service music marketing company that specializes in artist development, music strategy consulting and marketing. We provide our clients with the marketing tools they need to gain visibility and grow their following.
If you’re serious about your music, then you know it’s about more than just creating good songs. You need to get people to hear those songs. That’s why we take a 360 approach to artist development. It’s about more than just promoting your music — it’s about putting together a strategy that will help you find success on your own terms.

360 Degree Strategy Consultation

A 360-degree strategy consultation is the first step to developing an artist’s career. We help you develop your brand and, ultimately, your career.

Data Driven Artist Development

Voltage Circus uses data reports from analytics tools like Chartmetrics and Viberate to develop our artists’ management strategies.

“Voltage Circus is awesome! I’ve now done several campaigns with Voltage Circus, and I’m super happy with the results!”

Toby Romeo, Multi Platinum Winning DJ/Producer

Take Part in Our Industry-Leading Artist Development Program

Our artist development program provides you with all the features and opportunities you need to launch your career in music. Each step is personalized to your needs, utilizing your strengths and building up a solid backbone of support for the rest.

The artist development service area of Voltage Circus is made of a team of experienced, passionate and driven individuals dedicated to helping artists at every stage of their careers. Our goal is to help you build a successful and profitable career by providing marketing, branding, and advertising services to those who have a dream of making music for living. We’ve helped hundreds of artists just like you take their music career from an idea to a reality.

Whatever your goals are, our team at the Voltage Circus can help you achieve them. View more about our Data-driven Artist Development Program and our 360-degree Strategy Consultation below.


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