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Want to Work at Voltage Circus?

We want you on our team. We’re always looking for individuals passionate about music who can bring a new perspective to the table and help up represent more genres, more artists, and cover more marketing ground. It’s your creativity that Voltage Circus is seeking, and it’s you who will help stay at the peak of the music marketing industry.

View the positions we have open. If you don’t see one that fits your level of experience or education, send us a message. We’re happy to consider every possibility to get you on our team if you have a skillset that can benefit the agency.

Open Positions

Online Marketing Manager

In this position, you’ll oversee our marketing strategy on all digital channels, building awareness and traffic for our brand and our artists’.

Social Media Manager

Are you constantly on your phone browsing through social media? Do you even run your own social media page or are you a part-time influencer? Come in our team and help our artists to excel their socials.

Graphic Designer x Video Editor x Content Creator

If you’re looking for a job that allows you to work on music videos, design for bands/artists, and create content for marketing campaigns, then Voltage Circus is the place for you. 

Sales Manager

Are you a closer? Do you know how to seal the deal? Then we’re looking for you and your firm handshake to join our team. Here, you’re responsible for leading our sales team and maximize profitability.

Online Marketing Interns

As an online marketing intern, you will ensure the presence of Voltage Circus and the artists we represent are sustained and promoted. You’ll utilize social media and content creation methods to learn what it takes to succeed in the online marketing space.

Social Media Intern

Do you want to help create a platform that promotes a diverse spectrum of local and international artists? Then intern here at Voltage Circus where you learn some of the ins-and-outs of social media for bands, singers, and artists while making connections and learning what back-office watercooler chats are all about.

“Working with Voltage Cicus will give you a great opportunity of making your first steps in the music industry and to build up your network of valuable contacts.”

– Gernot Müller, Founder/Director

Company Benefits

Voltage Circus embraces a culture of equality. We have a very low hierarchy here at our office in the heart of Cologne, meaning conversation over coffee is ever-present. Speaking of coffee, you can drink to your heart’s content. And our flexible office hours mean you get more late nights out and mornings to sleep in. Plus, you don’t want to miss out on backstage parties at festivals around the world with the team or our annual company trip to Ibiza.

These are just a few of the perks we have to offer. Come experience Voltage Circus for yourself!

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