Contrary to what most might believe, it’s actually quite easy to set up a YouTube campaign that results in increased reach and clicks. But most of these campaigns reach the wrong audience, including a lot of bots.

Our goal is to create YouTube campaigns that reach an artist’s actual audience, the people who will listen and follow.


YouTube’s platform is difficult when setting the right targeting, especially in contrast to Facebook and Instagram. This is because Google provides fewer data points per person than Facebook.

In order to reach the right people with Adaro’s music video, our focus was to show the video on YouTube channels that are closely related to Hardstyle (such as Hardstyle events and artist).

Aside from targeting on Google Ads, it’s important to choose the right bidding strategy for the campaign. By continuously adjusting the target CPM bid, we were able to achieve the CPV of below 1ct.


With a media budget of 1000€ over a 4 week period, our goal was to maximise visibility amongst the Hardstyle audience, generate YouTube views, and bring in new subscribers for the Adaro YouTube channel.

In order to reach the right audience, his track was placed on the YouTube channels of other important Hardstyle brands and artists such as Q-Dance, Brennan Heart, and Headhunterz.

Targeting other strategically important YouTube channels, we could reach a highly potential audience with the strong likelihood of generating full views of the video as well as converting those viewers into channel subscribers.




Every artist is unique, so too should be the marketing strategy behind it.

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“Having spent a larger budget on the production of the music video, Adaro & team wanted to make sure to generate a large amount of views for the music video, which was achieved quite sucCessfully with the campAign. “

–Gernot Müller, Voltage Circus

Broken Element DJ Voltage Circus

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