Social Media Strategy

Give your audience a place to fan-out and spread your music.

Reach, Growth, Engagement, Connection

Voltage Circus is a company dedicated to helping artists and musicians expand their reach on social media. We believe that by fostering connections between artists and their audiences, we can create new and exciting opportunities for creative expression.

We work with you to develop your artist social media strategy that is designed for growth and engagement. We know your time is valuable, and so we act as your guide in navigating the world of social media.

It’s Simple: Share Your Art, Grow Your Fanbase

The idea is simple. We believe that if you share your art with the world, people will like it. But how can you manage engagement and promotion while touring, songwriting, practicing, and performing?

That’s where we come in. Our mission is to help you build a social media strategy that taps into what makes you unique and shares it with the world—in a way that reaches exactly the right audience.

Music consultant helping artist

Social media is the undisputed king of marketing, which would lead you to a prosperous future.

Design Your Social Media Strategy with Us

Let us create and implement your unique social media strategy for artists. We’ll build it out, upload and schedule your content, manage audience interactions, and get your career to new levels.

We help you with your social media marketing Strategy

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