Today, a social media profile is essential for musicians. It’s where your fans connect with you and become part of your music journey. Even more, bookers tend to check the social media following of an artist before getting booked, which only proves further the importance of a strong social presence.


Having more followers is great, but having the right followers is crucial. These are people who are truly interested in your music, your career, and you as an artist. Your following is only as good as the engagement that comes with it.


Magdalena is a house and techno DJ. Before working with us, she had a following of 73.000 people.

The aim of our campaign was to grow her following with actual fans that would engage with her and her content.


The campaign had a maximum budget of 12€/day and ran for a total of 28 days. This equates to a total spend of 160,60€. Our campaign targeted related genres, artists, and events that fit with Magdalena’s sound.

We only displayed the ad using Instagram’s recently introduced Reels. The location targets for the ad were 10 tier-1 countries such as Germany Belgium, Canada, and USA. These were strategically selected from the Spotify for Artists’ top listening countries.



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We always adapt our strategies to the artist and his / her audience. This is for every single project we do at Voltage Circus.

Every artist is unique, so too should be the marketing strategy behind it.

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“Magdalena is a very sought of artist, but with an Instagram Following that was slightly lacking behind her actual Artist size. We Are happy that with this campaign we were able to close the gap.”

–Gernot Müller, Voltage Circus

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