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Read selected publications about us below

FAZE Mag (Germany)

Publication about Voltage Circus, Gernot Müller and how the agency was founded.

Gigmit Seminars

Voltage Circus hosts regular seminars on Gigmit.com. Click the link below for further infos.

SAE Institue

Gernot Müller occasionally speaks at various SAE Institue locations about Music Marketing and Artist Career Development.

Berlin Dance Music Event

As part of BDME 2021, Gernot Müller hosted a panel about strategical fan building for newcomer artists.

Podcast: Late Night Red Like

As guest of podcast host Michael Blaze, Gernot Müller was interviewed on his view on the current music industry and chances for newcomer artists.

“Voltage Circus has been on board with us for a long time as an agency partner and looks after a variety of our artists.

During this cooperation we have already been able to achieve great success and look forward to further projects!”

Robin Jagielski, The Jagency

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We pride ourselves in approachability, always willing to have a chat and discuss our business, trends, and techniques. We host occasional seminars dedicated to emerging artists, music fanatics who want insight into the industry, and marketers looking for the spark to ignite their career.

We’ll publish when, where, and how to attend our seminars below as we create them. And, as always, we look forward to having you with us. Who knows—maybe you’ll become part of the Voltage Circus team!

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