Superfan Curation

The most common thing of any empire is its long-standing army, and the byzantine empire had one. From Julius Caesar to Donald Trump, all have one. An artist also needs an army of not only fans but of superfans. And you know what the military of superfans do? They can wage a promotional war on social media battlefields.

It is not a hard nut to crack. All you need to do is understand the concept of superfan curation. The best thing about them is they even promote the content of the artist whom they love without being asked to do so. Yet very few artists engage with them for promotions. But consider the impact when you engage them and ask them to promote.

Facebook somehow marks and identifies them as top fans yet on YouTube and Instagram, some hunt and assessment are required to know who they are. This can be done by checking them in the comments and likes section. We would love to explain the details when you get connected with us.

It is pertinent for a fine artist like you to have a database of these superfans. Recently we have observed one young girl from Asia who was merely running an Instagram account and had a few hundred followers two years back, but she focused on superfans. Recently she was casted as a model in a video song, and within two days the video reached the milestone of two million views. And that is just one example of such success.

Fine artists like you are hard to find, and we want the world to know that. Focusing on three C’s, i.e. connect, communicate, and consult can boost your music career and grow your audience exponentially. The consultation session is free, and we are here for you. Let us build an army of superfans through this unique idea of superfan curation.