Superfan Curation

Convert fans into superfans and gain superstar status.

Fans Are the Lifeblood of Any Musician

You’re a musician, and you know superfans are the key to growing your brand. But how can you convert casual fans into superfans? Let Voltage Circus do it for you.

Superfans are the most important part of any musician’s fanbase. They are highly involved with an artist, coming to multiple shows per year, buying merchandise, and streaming their music extensively.

Followers That Crave MORE

What if you had superfans who waited in line to buy tickets to all of your shows, streamed your music constantly, and bought every piece of merchandise they could get their hands on? What if they started dressing like you, talking like you, and posting about you on social media 24/7?

The question isn’t whether or not you want superfans. The question is: how badly do you want them?

Music consultant helping artist

An artist needs an army of not only fans but of superfans. They can wage a promotional war on social media battlefields.

Start Converting Your Fans

With Voltage Circus’ Superfan Curation service, your standalone fans will become marketing machines, promoting your music and artistry across the world.

We know what it takes to get your fans hyped about your music and keep them coming back for more. We work with artists at every stage of their career—and for every genre—to create curated, actionable content that builds authentic relationships with their fans and turns them into superfan evangelists, who will spread the word about their favorite artists and bring in new listeners at every show and online.

Let’s start curating.

We help you curate more superfans

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