After you have completed your track or release by spending hours of hectic work in the studio, you end up having two options regarding what should be your next step.
  • sit and do nothing and wait for the track to promote itself
  • engage in the promotion phase and market the track
  • The second option is the rational option that you would pick. This is because you are aware of the fact the promotion and marketing play a vital role in reaching the audience, but for conducting an effective 360-degree release promotion that pays off, you need a strategy. Do not worry; we are here with many plans at your disposal. Just contact us for a free session anytime to make things possible.

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    We work with selected newcomer artists, established acts and festival / event brands. In the initial (& free) consultation call, we determine, if you or your brand are a match for our agency.

    As you know that marketing is not for free. Advertising the track requires the investment of money to reap the benefits. Yet marketing can be done with a minimal budget if you know the right people and strategy for that. The social media tech giant earns its significant revenue through marketing the product and services of people around the globe. It provides options to make custom campaigns relevant to a particular niche. The analysis and insights are global, regional, and even city-specific. We can help you in those 360-degree release promotion campaigns by targeting the specific audience.

    Spotify playlist plugging is another arena where you can get your tracks into influential playlists. Simultaneously, we work on social media ads and audio ads to reap the maximum benefit of the campaign.

    Not only do we work to get results from Spotify, but we also run ads on YouTube. Moving one step further, we get involved in influencer marketing for promotion, and we also manage the promos by sending them to deejays for radio marketing.

    Connect with us, communicate your thoughts, and consult for strategies in a free session that suits you best.

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