Music expresses the feelings of the soul, where the words fail. We live in a world where music has enrooted deep into our lives. Whether it be an old grandpa lying on the bed, or a teenager completing his school years, music has no boundaries. This, for musicians, means scope. Analytics reveal that over 90% of the population of our planet is accustomed to listening to music. But producing music isn’t the only thing for a musician.

When a musician has crafted new pieces of music, he needs to promote them through album marketing, ensuring that it reaches everyone. Album marketing, though just a term, needs to be understood and planned expertly to obtain productive results. If you are thinking to address all those 6.45 billion music listeners in the world, you need to plan your album marketing strategy differently from today.

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Though the trends have drastically changed over the years, your album marketing strategy must still begin from the radio. Sharing your music on the radio has certain benefits, and many of the musicians got their first music managers and producers from the receiver. Still, as a part of your album marketing plan, you must do the proper homework before you begin.

You must make a list of the radio channels that are concerned with the music, their targeted audience, and the response they receive. You should look for avenues where your music would be acknowledged rather than being left in a repeat list, and search for the audience that is keen to listen to your kind of music. If you are fortunate enough, you would undoubtedly find the right people who would help you on your journey.


Did you know that more than 3.48 billion people use social media? Do you still think you can receive a better platform than social media to address your audience for your album marketing? Social media has transformed their lives. It has made the careers of numerous people who valued it regardless of their work type. You need to realize that if your music content is the queen, then the social media is the king, and what good is a queen without its king?

“If you are thinking to address all those 6.45 billion music listeners in the world, you need to plan your album marketing strategy differently from today.”

Your album marketing plan must consist of a series of events, where everything must be planned, coordinated, and researched thoroughly. First things first, the essential part of your social media planning for your album marketing must be to assess your audience. You need to study for musicians that offer similar content like yours and know which kind of audience is more attracted to their music. Only then, you would be able to identify more about your audience, their likes and dislikes, and how to lure them into your music.

In the next step, you need to make an effective album marketing campaign which would comprise of a series of scheduled posts, based on your music. You can also use these posts to direct them to other platforms such as websites, music selling apps, etc. and get a chance to earn even better. 2020 is the year for you. Don’t just wait for the good times to come. Be strong, work hard, and make the times suitable for you by adopting effective album marketing.


Do you know that billions of people read blogs every day? Product reviews, informative blogs, and others captivate the attention of their readers who are addicted to reading. People are interested to know different fun facts, discussions, and other information that the bloggers post. You have two possibilities in this regard. Firstly, you can have your blogger, which can write engaging content related to your music which would be published to your website growing your album marketing. Secondly, you can search and contact the famous bloggers who write on music, and you may ask them or enclose a deal with them to get a blog on your music. In this way, you will have an audience coming to your website or music page after reading those blogs. It is noteworthy that contacting the distinguished bloggers and persuading them to promote your music isn’t a child’s play, but then we all know that success doesn’t come nicely served in a dish without working hard for it. If you need success, you need to earn it.


You want to engage more audience to your music and increase your fan page numbers, but what is the real purpose behind all this. All of us work hard to have a secure and promising career. For musicians, the best of their career lies in the music applications, where they can sell their musical numbers. iTunes, apple music, Spotify, Sound cloud, and many others are platforms where musicians do their album marketing. In fact, for musicians, their album marketing strategy must begin with it, or you may say that ought to be the foremost priority.

Different platforms have different modes of purchasing music, but regardless of this, all of them would pay you high numbers based on your fan following. So, all the audience you have gathered by far from your website, from social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., promotions from the bloggers, audience from the radio, etc. It is when you would like to direct all your audience towards these applications where they would happily buy your music increasing your lot, and all your album marketing would be focused on a single mode of promotion.


A traditional way of marketing is using emails. You can use the strength of email to fortify your album marketing. You may send an email blast which includes several links. You can add your social media link, your website link, and most importantly, the link of the applications where listeners can purchase your music. To step up in the music world differently, you need to think differently. You would also like to adopt different methods for your album marketing and stick to the ones that are highly converting and productive.


No doubt, social media has become the best place for album marketing, but then what makes you and your actions different from others? Almost every musician is doing his album marketing on social media. Don’t you believe that you need to try harder to leave them all behind and reach new heights of success?

Traditional media consists of television, newspapers, podcasts, etc. these are the most common platforms on the traditional media where you run your album marketing campaigns, and this isn’t that hard to execute. Most of the news channels come up with live shows where they continuously want to keep their viewers engaged by offering different kinds of content. You may want to appear in such shows, which would allow a different set of audiences to know you, and you can also come up with a brief music performance, which would increase the viewer’s confidence in buying and listening to your music. Many musicians also arrange free podcasts which provide the audience with a chance to listen to their music for free. It is more like a clickbait; that short performance would engage the audience in their content, and they would eventually end up buying and listening to their music if it is up to the mark. What could be a better album marketing than that?

To emerge as a successful person, you need to think of something special. You may want to try all the possible methods and employ all strategies of album marketing in your struggle to succeed. Believe in yourself, consider yourself to be an entrepreneur, and work accordingly. As it is often quoted that difficult journeys often lead to the most beautiful destination, the first step is usually difficult to take but planning your journey, and your album marketing would lead you to a successful career as a musician.

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