The journey of Apple as a successful music provider began back in 2003 when Apple launched iTunes. iTunes brought a revolution to music streaming, and at the same time, it became an excellent opportunity for musicians. They utilized apple music marketing and had numerous sales and an enormous fan base over the years. But then, things started to change with iTunes.

Apple music marketing also evolved when Apple noticed that Spotify took the lead and had a massive number of audiences who paid for monthly subscriptions. Users who paid monthly subscriptions were quite satisfied rather than those who needed to pay for individual songs or playlists.

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iTunes vs Apple Music

Apple music marketing strategy changed in 2015 when apple came up with the apple music app. It has eventually directed its audience to apply music. Though Apple owns both iTunes and Apple Music, Apple is most likely to disown iTunes in the future updates and focus entirely on the apple music app for its apple music marketing strategy.

Apple is one of the best sellers in the world and has over 60 million apple music listeners who pay subscriptions to listen to music. Though the trends have changed, musicians can still promote their music on the platform and run successful apple music marketing campaigns to step up as a musician. But how can we still earn on apple music?

The answer is simple. If you run a successful apple music marketing campaign and can land your music on the app, you will be earning numbers. Unlike iTunes, where musicians can sell individual songs or albums, and the listeners can only listen to the music they play, the earning process on apple music comprises of pay per play. , the more listeners play your music, the more you will earn.

Claim your Apple Music Account

Firstly, you need to access your artist account on the app. Apple Music offers a separate panel for artists who can upload their music on the app, and earn reasonable numbers from the views which their music makes. But there is a cache.

“Apple is one of the best sellers in the world and has over 60 million apple music listeners who pay subscriptions to listen to music. Though the trends have changed, musicians can still promote their music on the platform and run successful apple music marketing campaigns to step up as a musician.”

Before you have an official artist account on Apple Music to begin your apple music marketing campaign, you need to get your music uploaded on the platform. This is possible by utilizing the services of collectors and other renowned record labels and asking them for favors to upload your music. It can be time-consuming since many record label managers are generally busy, and contacting them and convincing them to support you in your apple music marketing can be difficult. You can try to contact several managers or music artists in this regard and try to develop cordial relations with them, which will eventually convince them to upload your music. You can also offer some percentage of the initial earning from your apple music marketing budget you’ve set.

Once your music has been uploaded on the platform, you can log in through your id and ask for access to the artist’s account. The artist account has many perks that offer valuable apple music marketing possibilities to the aspirants. Working on your apple music marketing strategy, you can upload heaps of music, and run your promotion campaigns alongside, which will attract more and more audience to your music.

Social Media Strategy

Now that you have stepped in officially into the apple music as an artist having your professional account buckle up for further hard work. You should not only rely on apple music marketing to increase your views and sales on your music. Rather you should develop a proper apple music marketing campaign on your social media. Social media is the home to 3.48 billion users who scroll each day. You always have the opportunity to address a broad audience on social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

You should know your audience, their preferred social media, and run an active social media campaign. You can also collaborate with other famous musicians and ask them to link your music on their accounts, and you can do the same. As they say that two minds are always better than one, so performing collaborative work for mutual benefit is still fruitful to promote your music. You can also provide them insights into your upcoming music, and direct the fans to apple music where they can play your music, and the more they play, the more sales you make. Hence, the best indirect way to promote your music is to have a proper apple music marketing strategy and campaign on social media.

Maintain your Artist Account

Crafting music, and promoting the music is what all that musicians do, and that’s great, but to step up as something different, you need to view things from a different perspective. The first thing you need to do as soon as your artist account has been approved is maintaining your profile. A proper, official, high-quality picture with a catchy bio on your profile, links to your social media, any music website that promotes your music, and the uniqueness of your music should be well discussed on the cover page. This provides a decent and more natural and attractive look to viewers who seem to show more interest in your music as compared to musicians who offer a flat profile.

Additionally, the cover on your songs, albums, etc. is equally important. Make sure to include your image, or any relevant image to the music, along with links to your profile displayed in the corner. These small but useful things engage the listeners, and they seem to develop more interest in the music and the musician as well. So, if you want to establish a proper fan base and audience that regularly plays your music and follows your accounts, your apple music marketing strategy must include these essentials as mentioned earlier.

Apple Music Toolbox

Along with apple music, apple has created another beneficial aid for the artists known as the apple music toolbox. This toolbox is one of the most crucial things that can help you in your apple music marketing. You can run your complete apple music marketing campaign with this toolbox. This toolbox comprises different kinds of widgets, badges, and access to link your music to various platforms. You can use this toolbox to upload and link your music on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. and receive the relevant audience. The benefit of performing these activities has a broader audience. You can and should share your music on all platforms possible.

If you have a blog website, or if you know some small local media publications that are concerned with music, you can also get your music linked to that. The audience who are regular on those media publications might visit your profile and listen to your music. Apple music marketing has made things easy and convenient for musicians, and anyone, with a burning desire to step up as a musician, can utilize them to climb the ladder of success.


Pre-releases and insights into the upcoming music and albums are something that always excites the audience. They become eager and anxiously wait for the music to release. They also start to share the news with others in their social circle, and this, of course, is marketing for free. You can do indirect marketing on your social media, where you can notify your audience about the upcoming music, provide teasers and samples, and direct them to the apple music before release. This would be your apple music marketing and social media music marketing at the same time.

Another option that musicians might want to consider is the exclusives. To attract more audience to your apple music account where they can listen to your music, and increase your revenue, you may want to offer them exclusives, where your certain music items would be limited to apple music only. This may be fruitful, as a part of the apple music marketing strategy, but you should consider the effects it may cause to audiences that listen to your music on other platforms. You should conduct proper research on the pros and cons of offering exclusive music on apple, and if your audience outside apple remains unaffected, then it’s an option you must try to boost your music sales.

So, why are you waiting? Buckle up yourself, and device your apple music marketing strategy today!

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