Online marketing of the music business is not limited. Although we have discussed some areas related to 360-degree release promotion, yet there is a lot to be addressed about online digital marketing strategies associated with the music business.

Firstly, one can not only contact, but one can also remain in contact with one’s loyal fans by setting up a newsletter. The comparative analysis that we have prepared proves that the reach of the opening newsletter is much more than the range of social media. Thus, we prefer the artists to set up their newsletter to achieve the essence of reaching fans and enhancing the opportunities of career growth.

Secondly, some fans are superfans. They love to interact with the artist. Their love towards one art provides an opportunity to convert the superfan into a promotion machine. Since they are in love with the art one delivers, they too love to promote it as well. get in touch to know how you can use this along with other digital marketing strategies to scale your music career.

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Thirdly we are aware of the fact that you, being an artist might frequently host at residence. It would be pertinent to mention we have been recently engaged with the Ibiza Residency called SHADOWS, which we brought to the Amnesia Terrace last summer. Our experience in such online event promotion would facilitate you to reap the maximum benefit from the events.

Lastly, we have provided our valued clients with DJ Mag Top 100 promo campaigns several times, and many clients have not only shown satisfaction towards the work, but they have also reassigned us for their new endeavours.

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