We believe that DJ mag Top 100 campaigns are not for every tom, dick, and harry, but a fine artist and person like you should go for it. There are some significant concerns for DJ mag Top 100 campaigns.

The dictation of booking fees by the DJ Mag Top 100 rankings observed in the case of Asia, more specifically EDM is one. The methodology of receiving increased booking fees for some areas or territories seems lucrative. Still, you have to invest a massive sum of money in the campaign to reap the profits of investment. Investing your time with us by connecting will also reap fruitful benefits.

All you need to do is to book ad space with DJ mag directly for any region or territory. This approach helps in getting selected when people have an ambiguity to choose an artist along with their favorite artist. This all works on the DJ Mag website; however, it is a very costly approach to engaging the audience.

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We work with selected newcomer artists, established acts and festival / event brands. In the initial (& free) consultation call, we determine, if you or your brand are a match for our agency.

There is also a second way to reach and advertise. Music websites facilitate this; the music campaigns can be run as ads, and they are cheap to pay only when someone clicks that ad.

You would wonder that these clickable ads are decade-old google ads, yet the search engine helps in targeting the best audience. Analytics they provide are matchless. You reached us thanks to Google as they have directed the right person to the right place.

Know more about how we can work together for your DJ mag Top 100 campaigns by contacting us. We are here to answer you and hold a free consultation session.

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