Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, a flight to the imagination, and imparts life to everything. In this growing world where over 90% of the people love to listen to music, which means a global audience of over 6.7 billion, musicians who wish to step up independently are slightly concerned when it comes to electronic music marketing. But let’s face the facts, independent musicians have an enormous scope in the industry, where they can stand tall if they manage to have an active independent music marketing for themselves. But the sad part in this regard is that most of the young independent indies don’t even know how to employ music marketing strategies for their prosperity.

You would have come across articles, blogs, and the so-called experts who advise you to focus entirely on your social media accounts to engage your audience or try to find ways to make rapid music sales. Do you believe that this market plan for independent music artists would pay off? Does dedication to social media decide your future as an indie artist? The simple answer to queries like these arising in the mind of many aspirants, who are eager to conduct and indie music marketing to make a career is NO.
First of all, every struggling artist should believe that there is no shortcut to success. You, as an independent artist, should devise and conduct a series of events as a part of your independent music marketing, to ensure a steady journey to success and prosperity, because success awaits you if you are willing to work for it.

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Though many of the new entrants would not agree to this, sometimes, being an old school can turn the tables. Although direct communication has tremendously evolved over the years, the mail is still, undoubtedly the official platform for transferring information or messages.

Your independent music marketing research might have already taught you that you must have a website. Having a website has become a necessity under these competitive conditions. But what many of the independent artists don’t know is that you can also use this website to have mail contacts with your audience. While you are posting engaging content on your website as a part of your electronic music marketing, you should ask your audience for their mails, which would help you devise a long mailing list. One easy way to do this is by using an automated tool, which would ask the emails from users when they play your content.

Now, once you have your mailing list, your job is to do email marketing as a part of your market plan for an independent music artist. It would help if you kept your mail active and you should be personally notifying your fans from the latest updates through your mail. If it sounds time-consuming, having a manager can be the best option for this purpose. You can also hire someone who would manage your emails and send music updates to your entire mailing list. You, as an indie music artist who is on a mission to conduct pop music marketing, would be surprised by the results. This method has been found very useful since it develops the confidence to the audience who gets to receive direct notification in their mail id from you. And it also keeps them updated and eager at the same time.


Your independent music marketing must include one word, highlighted and set in bold letters, that is “PLAYLISTING”. As a musician, you can not afford to ignore this aspect of electronic music marketing. Besides, why do musicians step up into the music industry? It may be a passion, but in the end, everyone works for a promising career that can provide a prosperous life. So, if you are one aspiring indie artist planning your pop music marketing, get your music playlisted as early as possible.

“You, as an independent artist, should devise and conduct a series of events as a part of your independent music marketing, to ensure a steady journey to success and prosperity, because success awaits you if you are willing to work for it.”
Platforms like iTunes, apple music, google play music, Spotify, Deezer, etc. have millions of audiences associated with them. If we look at the analytics of Spotify, we get to know that it has over 50 million registered users. It could be the largest platform for you. So, get your music uploaded into these platforms and work to get them playlisted. If you are lucky enough, your music could be featured in the popular playlists for some time, and once it does, you would be gathering thousands of new audiences on your music playlists.


Have you read about the Manzano brothers, or about the Boyce Avenue? These are the names of famous indie bands who were independent artists, but their effective pop music marketing and their management made them stand tall in the music world. Having a good music album is good, but having some video music content is excellent.

YouTube could be the perfect platform for this purpose. You can upload your music on YouTube, and you can link it to your social media accounts as well. You may also upload insights of your video content on your website and direct the audience to your YouTube video via the link. It doesn’t mean that you need to choose YouTube, but having a music video should be your foremost priority regardless of the platform you decide to upload it. You can see numerous examples of the famous musicians who employ this as a part of their scheduled independent music marketing and the results are worth discussing too.


You can try to work as a lone wolf, and things may turn out great for you as well, but having a team is always better. We have been listening to quotes on unity and teamwork all our lives. Talent may indeed win you a game, but active collaboration allows you to win championships and make history. You may ask your friends, or relatives, or any other trusted people in your circle to become a part of your team, and you all can distribute the work loan among yourselves. Having more minds working on a common cause will boost your independent music marketing and will be a valuable addition to your market plan for independent music marketing.

Additionally, one more thing you should consider is to have a manager. The manager would work along with you and keep you updated with everything, and keep your stats recorded. The manager could also send an email listing to your audience on your behalf. Initially, it may seem a bit costly to arrange a manager and a team where you can offer your teammates a certain amount from the profit. Every business needs an initial investment, and your pop music marketing needs this initial investment to boost your career.


Your electronic music marketing would undoubtedly be incomplete without social media. Surveys have shown that there are over 3.48 billion users of social media worldwide. And planning an independent music marketing strategy on social media won’t cost you that much either.

Start your pop music marketing on social media by selecting the apt platform, which is most suitable and used by your audience. You can choose from few to all platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Snapchat where you could keep posting casual content for the interested audience. Nevertheless, once you have decided on your platform, you should also devise a strategy for its management. You should make a proper to-do list for your social media that explains what, how, and when to do aspects for your social media. Your manager or any social media expert can guide you throughout the process, and you can conduct your independent music marketing campaign effectively and continuously on your social media. Don’t forget to link your social media everywhere; from music apps to websites, and your music blogs as well.

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