With over 4.39 billion global users, the internet has transformed life. Trends of business have drastically changed over the years, and the scope of online business and marketing has been massive. But for every successful business, there is always a backbone of effective marketing that makes it survive in the competitive market. For musicians, things are even harder. They strive hard to develop quality content, but what if the content isn’t also acknowledged? It is often quoted that the material is the king, but engagement is the queen, and we all know that the lady rules the house!

iTunes, a software developed by the apple and the default music application in the Apple devices, is the perfect platform for small scale musicians. They can quickly sell their music via iTunes music marketing as it uploads on the app. But is that all? Can’t a musician scale his work, sell his albums to a broader audience, and gain significant numbers?

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A convincing act to boost sales considerably utilizing iTunes can be a website. Musicians these days can use a small, simple WordPress website that is entirely related to their music before they step into iTunes. Uploading the music on iTunes along with dropping the website link can be useful to attract visitors to the website. This method is both practical and savvy. On the other hand, a good website should be engaging for visitors. A musician can add his music, notes, or even get written content on music, perhaps some free content to gain more visitors.

Effective marketing always requires a two-way analysis where the marketer needs to assess things from the visitor’s eye. You may research what sort of content appeals to music lovers, is it the blog section? Or the small music notes or the PDFs? Get to know your audience more and plan things accordingly to step up as a renowned musician in times to come. If you are a musician and aren’t utilizing iTunes music marketing, you are certainly losing significant numbers by offering a website.


Musicians come up with two options when it comes to iTunes music marketing. They can either upload their content on iTunes and wait for visitors who would eventually buy their songs or play the wise game. It is often quoted that the material is the fire, but the social media is the gasoline, and the numbers prove it right. With over 3.48 billion global social media users, social media has become the best platform for promotion if one knows how to do it. Having an effective social media plan on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can bring visitors to iTunes, where you can quickly sell your music.

“Effective marketing always requires a two-way analysis where the marketer needs to assess things from the visitor’s eye.”

Various groups and pages on social media and accounts with a complete management strategy that should be continuous and engaging and relevant to music can attract an audience and boost their interest in music. To promote music on social media, a musician needs to be strategical rather than just being passionate. In this case, the first thing you may do is know your audience and know your social media. It would be best if you found out whether which social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) is most suitable.

Once you have your social media account done, the next step is targeting the audience. Showing relevancy to a particular music icon that matches your music style can lure in the visitors to your profile as well. Also, targeting an age-specific audience with different video and audio posts can make a huge difference. You need to have scheduled posts in advance to keep the audience engaged. Once you have a reasonable audience, you can direct them to iTunes and sell your music on a larger scale. iTunes music marketing has been so promising over the years and has helped many musicians step up the game. If you are one passionate musician, iTunes music marketing is the long-awaited break for you.


iTunes music marketing is a great way to sell music for any newbie or established musician. But there is also something that needs to be pondered. The music available on iTunes is generally paid version where the subscribers need to pay for each album or piece of music. So, attracting a broad audience and engaging them to buy your music won’t be that simple. Isn’t there anything that you can do in this regard?

The simple answer to all these questions lies behind the word podcast. Arranging free podcasts rather than uploading heaps of music and waiting for the subscribers to purchase your music randomly and organically can be time-consuming. The results aren’t guaranteed as well. However, podcasting is a method where your audience can receive free music perks, and once they begin liking it, you shall be selling hugs numbers.

To step up in the music market, you need to plan differently. You can offer multiple things in your podcast, from simple music versions to insight to your upcoming music album, from bloopers to playing music on different instruments. Additionally, it has been found that a large number of audiences have a special affection for acoustic music, so that is yet another thing that you can provide in your podcast. In simple words, you need to plan a podcast series, offer multiple engaging contents, create a broad audience, and then market your music via iTunes music marketing.


It is commonly quoted that the media is the most powerful entity in the world. It is somewhat true. Press can make or break things, news, and even people. But how is it beneficial for a musician? For the most part, musicians don’t bother it, but having cordial relations with media persons and bloggers do mean a lot.

Someone who is in your ordinary and works as an active media person can get your content featured before your music release. The media know their audience, and their indirect marketing can help you directly with your iTunes music marketing. The same is the case with bloggers. Getting your music transformed and featured in a valuable blog can surely change the stats and bring the audience to your music on iTunes. iTunes music marketing is instead a broad term that contains multiple practicable plans that can be incorporated to boost sales.

Success is not easy, and it’s not for the lazy, is a maxim for every musician who steps into iTunes music marketing to sell their musical numbers. In the case mentioned earlier, contacting the media person, having cordial relations, and having your content featured is problematic. The same is the case for the blogger, but significant problems come with great solutions as well. Social media and email tracking have made it easy to contact someone. You can undoubtedly find your friend with mutual benefit by offering something in return for getting your music promoted.

Promotion tips on iTunes

Before you even attract your fans and audience to the iTunes using methods such as social media, websites, a shout-out from media persons, getting featured by the bloggers, etc. there is something that you need to do most importantly which is the direct iTunes music marketing and understand how you can attract direct visitors on iTunes.

iTunes music marketing and getting features in the top 100 is not a child’s play, but there are some things that you can ensure to increase your chance to attain that or to have more people purchasing your music.

In this era of endless competition, quality should be your foremost priority if you want to increase your sales. You will not want to lose your valuable fans and audience. Before you even promote your music via iTunes music marketing, make sure that your content is original, and the video quality is ensured to be the best.

iTunes music marketing needs to be planned expertly. A practice where music is uploaded and promoted at least 5 to 6 weeks before general release has been found to boost sales significantly, so if you are working on an album, you may consider to upload it on the iTunes before it is released publicly. This helps increase the fans’ engagement and interest, but the chances of sales on iTunes are also increased.

In conclusion, iTunes music marketing is something that can make a career for many musicians who are struggling to make their music sales. It is not just a myth, but iTunes has transformed many musicians’ lives in the past. So, if you are a musician, set up your schedule, get your content on iTunes, use direct iTunes music marketing, arrange social media campaigns, get your website linked to your music in the app, arrange free podcasts to ensure audience engagement, ask for promotion through distinguished bloggers and media persons. All these acts, if performed with dedication and proper planning, are expected to show remarkable conversions.

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