For young aspirants who wish to step up in the music industry as a shining star, the need of the hour is to understand that music production and music promotion are two different things that work on entirely different standards. Musicians are often given suggestions to utilize the music influencer marketing to promote their music, but what is music influencer marketing? Does this pay off? How can we benefit from the influencer marketing for music?

These are some commonly arising queries in young musicians who want to boost their audience and increase their sales. With a global population of over 7.5 billion, recent studies and surveys prove that more than 90% of the worldwide population is music listeners, who generally spend over 33 hours listening to music every week, which makes a total audience of over 6.75 billion that is engaged in looking music for over 4 to 5 hours every day. The numbers are enormous, and this is why music influencer marketing is essential.

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What Is Music Influencer Marketing?

The renowned names of the industry like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and many more are the people who have an audience of over 100 million on average. For brand owners, this means opportunity. These celebrities are often seen promoting brands, and this music influencer marketing has been found helpful for brand owners whose target audience has been increased exponentially in many cases. The same is true for musicians. Having a shout out, or promotion campaign from a music influencer that addresses the specific target audience can surely bring a lot of ears listening to your music. But that’s just one side of the canvas, influencer marketing for music isn’t that simple at all.

Identify the Target Audience

For any musician, the first step is to have research on the target audience before they even begin to utilize the influencer marketing for music. We all know that music compassion is different in people of different ages. The youngsters are more obsessed with jazz and fast music beats, while the old are generally known to be more into soft tunes. So, the first thing any musician needs to analyze is their target audience to understand where the music can sell better, and this is when they also need to select a platform for their influencer marketing for music.

“With a global population of over 7.5 billion, recent studies and surveys prove that more than 90% of the worldwide population is music listeners, who generally spend over 33 hours listening to music every week, which makes a total audience of over 6.75 billion that is engaged in looking music for over 4 to 5 hours every day.”

Promotion Platform for Influencer Marketing

Once you are transparent with your audience, the next step is finding out which platform is the best to address these audiences. With over 3.48m users, social media is the best platform for this purpose. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok are the most suitable platforms for any musician that can be used to scale their fan base.

Depending upon convenience, you can select a platform that suits you best and then begin for the best music influencers on the platform. Influencer marketing in the music industry has become an increasing trend globally, where many musicians are seen collaborating with the influencers to promote their music.

Every social media platform has its music influencers. It is not necessary that a musician who is active on Instagram and has many followers would also have the same trend on Facebook or Twitter. That is the reason you need to do complete research on influencers after you have selected a platform to have better engagement outcomes. For instance, the number of followers of Taylor Swift on Instagram in 2020 is over 153 million. Still, the same is not valid on other platforms, so if you are eager to run your influencer marketing in music industry campaigns, then you might want to search the adequate influencers concerning each platform.

Influencer Marketing Software

Searching for the right influencers on social media, and analyzing their compatibility with your music manually can be a tiresome job. Furthermore, the results aren’t guaranteed. Musicians may use the influencer marketing software that will sort out the music influencer marketing figures based upon your interest and relative fan engagement and come up with the list of the top influencers. But you may not necessarily want the top ones for your music marketing.

It has been found out that hiring or collaborating with multiple influencers who have a moderate number of followers, is more beneficial for influencer marketing in the music industry rather than working with a single superstar who has a very high audience. Naturally, it means that you may want to have five music influencers with an estimated follower of 200,000 rather than promote your music rather than having a single person who has a one million fan base. All this data can be calculated and sorted out simply by the influencer marketing software rather than searching every platform endlessly for the right persons.

Initiate Social Media Creative Campaigns

Contact your selected influencer, show polite behavior, and get their assistance over time. Influencer marketing in the music industry has built many careers, where big influencers collaborated with musicians alongside other brands. You may work productively to create a series of collaborative posts that would attract the audience to your music.

One way is where the influencer provides a shop insight into your music on their social media and attaches the link along with it. All the fans who would see the post are would be directed towards the link where they can come up to your accounts and your music page and buy your music there. Other than this, collaborative videos, short duets, simple shout outs, etc. have also been found to draw the attention of the audience towards you. But all this is possible only when you have done your research on the music influencer marketing and have seen different examples of other magicians, their methods of marketing, and the outcomes. You may also want to have a strategist that can devise the social media campaign on your part for a better and assured result.

Boost Your Sales

The primary motive of the influencer marketing for music is to amplify sales, and all this process has been designed to ensure that. All your hard work, in selecting the influencer, for contacting and collaborating with the person would increase your fan base and audience, and this is where you can convert the views into sales. You can earn huge numbers by directing your audience to the paid platforms such as iTunes, and you can also make reasonable amounts from your social media accounts and pages or any associated website that you got registered for your music.

This influence marketing in the music industry has numerous benefits, from increasing audience engagement to boosting sales, from developing goodwill to emerging as a brand name. You need to step up into the music influencer marketing, do your homework well and wait for the outcomes. You don’t need to have Taylor Swift or Beyoncé by your side to do that, even the moderate musicians and the music industry personnel’s, who have a reasonable influence on the social media can do this deed for you. So, if you are a passionate musician waiting for the spark to ignite your career, don’t just wait. Get things started today for a better tomorrow!

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