Many of the people are seen joining the music industry with a burning desire, to ignite their career. All of us are fascinated by big names such as Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Akon, and others. The new generation has become so obsessed with them that they fail to focus on the process that can walk them through the gateway of success. As the wise men say that a goal without a plan is just a wish, similarly, a burning desire without any effective music marketing campaign is just an obsession that leads nowhere.

A bit of good advice to all the artists who are struggling to promote their music can be summed up into a simple phrase that “plan your work and then work on your plan”. The plan in this phrase refers to music marketing campaign strategies. You need to devise your music marketing campaign ideas, and then work on them to transform your desires into and overwhelming reality. Let’s discuss and take an insight into the effective music marketing campaigns 2020.

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Every music artist pays special attention to his music because they believe that having quality music content ensures a bright future. It is undoubtedly true, but it doesn’t make up everything that makes your success guaranteed. Your first and foremost priority, without any doubt, should be focusing on the content.

You will only be able to run an effective music marketing campaign, and succeed in the highly saturated music industry if your content is exceptional. But your content goes all in vain unless it’s promoted. And this is why you need to focus on the non-musical content as a struggling music artist. If you take a look at the best music marketing strategies that have been employed by many of the famous music artists, you will also find that all of them include the non-musical content in the form of advertising flyers, promotional blogs, videos and brand logos along with photos.

These are the factors that grab the attention of the audience and lure them into your musical content. So, if you are working on a music marketing campaign in 2020, don’t forget to work on promotional blogs and videos, to promote and market your music across the world.


One of the most frustrating and time-consuming part for any musician who is willing to travel the extra mile for his prosperous career is pitching music, and getting It featured in the press. The music marketing plan for pitching begins with the struggle of writing a professional, engaging, and informative bio for your music profile.

“A bit of good advice to all the artists who are struggling to promote their music can be summed up into a simple phrase that “plan your work and then work on your plan”.”

The music marketing campaign idea for getting features is a three-step process. Once you are done with the biography for your profile, you need to find the right person who can get it released or featured. This is the hectic and time-consuming part of the process, where you have to search for all the members who write and feature content that is relatable to yours. Once you have made a list, you need to manually send an email to all of them and wait for their response.

Likely, you won’t be receiving a response in the early part of the process, but you need to stay focused on your music marketing campaign and believe that trying, again and again, will give fruitful outcomes.


If you are thinking of a marketing plan that would not just make your music spread across the world, but also leave you reasonable money, then playlisting is a must-try option for you. Most of the famous musicians still use the playlisting aspect in their music marketing campaign. It involves getting your music uploaded on music apps such as iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and others that have a broad audience. Spotify alone possesses an audience of over 50 million, and the numbers are increasing since there are over 6.7 billion music listeners across the world.

Before you select the music apps for uploading your content as a part of your music marketing campaign, you may also want to have research on how different apps sell music and how much would you receive for your music from these apps. So, it is also essential that you focus on the analytics along with the marketing in your music marketing campaign plan.


Music websites are becoming the need of the hour for most of the musicians. No doubt, social media is considered to be an excellent platform for running an effective music marketing campaign; however, it has also become challenging to exist and dominate on social media. Social media has become so saturated over the years, and musicians of all scales and kinds are running the music marketing campaign strategies there to ace the music industry.

Under these circumstances, one thing that can differentiate you among others, that can ensure audience engagement and also convert your music into money is a music website. You need to get a music website, upload your content there, and include the site links on all your music promotion platforms, from social media to music apps where your music is being sold. This will not only bring your existing audience towards your website but also draw new, organic viewers and listeners to it.

By the time you start getting a new audience, it is essential to keep their interest in your website to ensure they don’t leave it. You can do this by always keeping them updated by posting new content. But make sure that you don’t stuff your website with similar content since this will eventually decrease the viewer’s attention and engagement in your content. You can make a posting schedule just like your music marketing campaign, to get things streamlined for your website.


A universal and worldwide accepted thought is that two minds working on a common cause are always better than one. You need to realize your competition and the saturation in the music industry that is increasing day by day. To cope with this condition, and to secure a prosperous future, it is better than you to increase the number of minds who are working on your music marketing campaign.

The market is full of music marketing companies, and big renown record labels. You can collaborate with the record labels and ask them to upload your music, or you can also consult the music marketing agencies for your music marketing campaign.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to spend the extra dollars on the music marketing agencies for your effective music marketing campaign in 2020, then you may search for a like-minded and wise partner for your music marketing campaign. While selecting a partner, which could be a friend or relative, you should ensure that he is open to reasoning and critical analysis of different aspects of marketing. It is also essential that your partner belongs to any other category because, in this way, you can get your music promoted to two different kinds of audiences; one that you already have as your valuable fans, and others who acknowledge your partner. Together, you can work for mutual benefits and try to engage the audience for each other, which would likely, bring prosperity to both.

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