The music industry has tremendously changed over the years. For some, that may be flattering, but others call it a deadly transformation where there is no room for newbies. But, to every view, there are two possible perspectives. We often come across the quote where Napoleon Hills says that struggle and growth happen through continuous struggle and effort.

Being so obsessed with social media, and other famous platforms to promote their music, most of the musicians overlook the concept of music marketing websites. Most of them aren’t familiar with the process of how they can improve their music through music marketing websites.

There is no doubt that social media has made the careers of many, but to step up in this competitive music industry, it is essential to come up with something different. You may want to have social media marketing your foremost priority, but the music marketing websites should also be included in your “to do” list. You may connect your website with your social media for an even better experience. But first things first, let’s begin with getting your music marketing site designed.

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The most straightforward part of your journey for having your music website in selecting the platform. You can see your competitors and take an idea of the platform you may want to have. Generally, WordPress, Wix, Bandzoogle, and other similar platforms are used by the best music marketing websites. To keep moving along with the flow, you may also choose one of these platforms for your music marketing site.

Once you have searched for your platform and domain, the next step should be selecting a suitable theme for your website. You can search the internet for hundreds of sites that relate to your platform and might want to compare several templates before you finalize the special one. Music marketing websites are designed on a vast number of different models, so selecting one for your website should not be too difficult.


Good content is enough to engage a billion audience. Once you have made your decisions regarding the platform and the theme for your website, arranging the best and suitable content is the second step. The best music marketing websites globally, make huge sales just by their engaging content.

You also need to understand your audience, and you may want to have all kinds of content on your website from snippets to music articles, from complete music videos to blog posts, from biography to visual content for your website. All these things are united into a masterpiece by the music marketing websites, and the results are crystal clear to everyone. So, having engaging content both visual and textual is a must-have for your website.

“When it comes to music marketing websites, not just the website and the content on it makes it unique. Your music marketing site is intended to help you grow, and so does your social media.”


When it comes to music marketing websites, not just the website and the content on it makes it unique. Your music marketing site is intended to help you grow, and so does your social media. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube are the most common ones that can be used to engage and address the audience. So, once you have completed your website, get your desired social media account linked embedded into the site at the specified places so that it directs the visitors to your social media accounts and they can follow you there as well.

While you integrate your social media account links on the website for a successful music marketing website, you should not necessarily add all your accounts. For instance, if you are an Instagram user, then go on with adding just an Instagram account or YouTube account.


Your music marketing site must include access to your music. For this purpose, you can try adding some snippets and some pieces of complete music to your website so that the listeners can get to know about your music more and have greater confidence. Moreover, you can add the links of the platforms where your music has been included such as SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify, etc. where they would get a chance to listen to your music and add valuable numbers to your earning and recognition on those platforms.


It is often quoted that you need to be innovative if you don’t want to get eliminated—the same works for music marketing sites. The competition is increasing with every passing day, and stepping up eminent from the rest; you need to come up with something different. A small practice that you can employ is to keep your website audience updated. For this purpose, develop a short news or update section to your site (you can take ideas from the best music marketing websites) and keep this section updated with everything new that you plan about music. It may be the teaser of an upcoming album, or a link to your next podcast, or an interview on the television, etc.

Whatever the case be, you need to address your audience and provide them links to the insights as well as upcoming events. The benefits that such practices impart are that they always keep your audience engaged, developing more and more interest for them, and giving them reasons to visit your music marketing site regularly.


The struggle to become the best is just like a race. You have to keep up the pace; otherwise, you would be left far behind surviving only at the mercy of time. As it’s often quoted that to become the best isn’t hard, the real effort lies in remaining the best.

Music marketing websites have always been a valuable addition for the striving artists who are passionate to scale their careers. In this regard, apart from making a music website, it is essential to consider some of the best music marketing websites and gain useful insights and strategies that would be a valuable addition to your lot.

The artist house music is the best music marketing website in this regard. It contains interviews from the renowned musicians of all times, where they share their life experiences as strugglers. They also share their thoughts, and insights about the music industry, followed by some tips for the beginners.

Another spot is the music marketing manifesto. The author, through his blogs, quotes some complete valuable information. The blogs are made after thorough research and experimentation just for the benefit of the music audience. So, if you are planning your website, or thinking about your performance on other music platforms, the music marketing manifesto is the must consider music marketing site in this regard.

TAXI is yet another trusted and valuable website and online platform for aspiring musicians.  They form a network that connects different musicians and helps them in their labels. The platform is not just limited to recording names. Instead, they have a set of deals including the television, film industry deals, interviews, etc. which not only help musicians in their earning but also provides them exposure where many people get to know them through these platforms.

So, if you are also struggling with your music career, step forward, and get your music marketing website. Not just that, benefit from other sites that offer valuable information and exposure to musicians.

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