Touring plays a considerable role in an artist’s life. In this era of digitization, as streaming platforms became popular day by day and increasing revenues in millions, live music has its importance. Although people listen more on streaming platforms, yet, they still love to attend concerts of their favorite artists. Touring make artists connect to their audience physically. As a music artist, it is an exhilarating experience to hit the road for concerts. You will be playing a lot of music and have different meet-and-greets. 

Tours are always exhausting; you become very busy, and, in this scenario, your marketing efforts can be pushed to the side. It will be a huge mistake to let the marketing of music tour to be pushed aside. During this time, an effective marketing strategy is required to cope with the situation. Many music marketing companies can help you in this regard. They develop different approaches for your music tour marketing; it doesn’t matter how long you have been on tour.

The following are some strategies that the companies or musicians themselves can utilize for music tour marketing.

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Set Up an Ad Campaign on Social Media

Social media has changed the business of music tour marketing since the past decade. Half of the world’s population uses social media. Promotion on social should be planned strategically so that artists can reach to maximum audience.

Facebook and Instagram provide services to create ads, and it has made promotion a piece of cake. For instance, you can allot a budget for paid ads on Instagram or Facebook.  You can target the audience present in 30 to 40 miles radius through those ads, according to the venue. These ads placements provide you multiple options to target audience, such as, the audience having the same taste as your music or the audience who like or follow the venue you are performing at, etc. It all depends on your budget, the more money you spend, the more audience you reach. It’s better to have more options to post your ads. You should split the ads budget for Facebook and Instagram to reach out to more audiences.

Furthermore, it would be best if you used eye-catching posters in your ads so that audience notices it during scrolling. You can post your ads in different formats, such as posters, a video message, or GIF. You can create various offers for selling the tickets, for instance, buy two get one free or some merch discounts, etc. Also, be sure to create Facebook events, so that your audiences can become aware of your gig/concert. Moreover, Spotify also provides service to post your ads. You can reach out to a number audience through Spotify. Google ads services are also convenient when it comes to promotions. Your ads can be displayed on different websites and YouTube.

Some other websites that provide ad services are Pandora, Bandsintown, etc. You can use Pandora to post your ads for free and target the city you are performing in. Bandsintown provides multiple paid services, and it creates an email blast; it will send emails to all your followers residing in the city you target. Additionally, it provides the services to list your shows and attach them to your Facebook profiles.

Last but not least, you should ask your fellow musicians and fans, particularly those who belong to the city of the venue, to shout out and ask their followers to join your concert.

Strategic planning is everything that makes your event successful. It is often quoted that a goal without a plan is just a wish. You plan your goals accordingly, reach out to your desired audience, and then strive for it. Your tour should be listed, and you should make your audience aware of every venue and timing of your performance. Another platform name as Soundkick is a convenient tool for music tour marketing. If you list your shows there, they will show up on all streaming platforms such as Spotify, sound cloud, Deezer, Bandcamp, etc. Similarly, you can use Eventful for your music tour marketing.

Setup A Radio Campaign

Radio Campaigns have always been useful, it wouldn’t be wrong to call it as old school method. It has been around for decades, and people still listen to it. It can always be proved very useful for your music tour marketing. You can target the audience by setting up a radio campaign in the city you are performing. The people having the same music interest as your setup will surely follow your gig.

“Touring make artists connect to their audience physically. As a music artist, it is an exhilarating experience to hit the road for concerts. You will be playing a lot of music and have different meet-and-greets.”

Get Your Posters Designed, Flyers, And Handbills

You should get the poster of your event designed and get them to hang around the venue in the city you are performing in. You can get your fans’ service for hanging posters by announcing some offers on your social media. Or you can get services of people from freelancing platforms.  This strategy is beneficial in making the local population aware of your upcoming events. You can also run your advertisement on the main point of the city, where they have huge screens. Distribute flyers at venues with similar audiences during celebrations. At other celebration shows, talk straight to attendees: “if you liked that, you would our program.” A personal invite is more remarkable, more immediate.

Email Marketing 

In the earlier times of the internet, email revolutionized the marketing industry. However, it is still an effective marketing strategy. It not only makes your audience realize that you care about them but also establishes loyalty. You should develop an email list of your audience; then, you can send them an email regarding your tours and concerts and keep them updated. It would help if you were judicious regarding your marketing.

You can update your audience by sending them emails from time to time, for example, the first email for announcing the event, tours, and second email a week before the event discounts and merch offers. You should also motivate your audience at the end of the email to share your events and website links. It is a very competent music tour marketing strategy.

Hit Up Music Tour Marketing Companies

If you don’t have time to do your promotions by yourself, then you can hire a music tour marketing agency. They have developed several packages according to the needs of the client. You don’t have to worry about a thing during your tour; they will help you reach your ultimate target. They never confine the promotion campaign to a single aspect. They run campaigns at multiple platforms, such as websites, numerous streaming platforms, radios, etc. These agencies execute all the elements simultaneously to make your promotion successful and productive.

The music tour marketing companies provide the following services:

    1. Handle your social media promotions: They will create a budget for your social ads’ promotions. Then will execute according to it to reach out to maximum audiences.
    2. Handle the email marketing:  They develop the targeted audience list for you and email them from time to time to keep them aware of your tours and activities.
    3. Handle the marketing through radio and media: They connect you to different media and radio persons of the city you are performing in.
    4. Handle flyers, posters distribution: They also control the flyer, handbill distribution throughout the city.
    5. Listing of tour: They also develop the list of your trips’ venues, depending on the targeted audience and your fan base.
    6. Get you connected with local social media influencers:  They also get you connected to bloggers, vloggers, and influencers to promote your tour.
    7. Eventually, music tour marketing agencies handle everything strategically. The work your part left is to give you the best on the stage.

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