Either you are organizing an event or planning to hold one. However, in both conditions, you certainly need help, so here we are at your service you can contact us anytime, but let us provide some valuable information before you even connect us.

A few considerations are necessary to make an event’s marketing success and the conductor succeed which are:

  • A well-observed and predicted, thought-out concept.
  • A graphic design which is above average or exceptional
  • Application of a marketing objective known as SMART on social media marketing strategy

The first two steps are easy enough that you can manage them in no time for your online event promotion, but step three requires expertise. Voltage circus is here to make this step actionable and guide you throughout the process. We have experienced a considerable number of events whether they be club shows or festivals. Our last task was in Ibiza, but we have served our valued customers in almost every city of Germany. We are not only limited to Germany, but we also have for our global customer base.

It won’t be an exaggeration if we disclose that we have run ads on Instagram and Facebook approximately worth 100.000€ and the number of tickets that we have sold is in thousands.

Get started on Online Event Promotion

We work with selected newcomer artists, established acts and festival / event brands. In the initial (& free) consultation call, we determine, if you or your brand are a match for our agency.

You would be wondering how do we make online event promotion work possible right?

We define the target audience, which facilitates us to target them. Then we find that at which forum they are, i.e. Facebook, Instagram, youtube, etc. google ads and Facebook ads then allow us to work on the analytics and target the audience and promote the content.

The real work starts in further steps when we try to make the potential customers buy the product in your case tickets. Do not forget the 3C’s communicate, connect, and consult with us. Selling at the right time is always a rational decision.

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We have limited spots available for our consultation. Please get in contact with us to see if you qualify for our agency.