Though many new marketing prospects have been developed over the years, and the musicians are constantly struggling with those marketing techniques to become eminent in their music career, they often overlook the traditional methods of promotion.

We believe that radio promotion was one of the earliest audience engagement and marketing aspects, and as much as young musicians may overlook it, its importance remains the same. There are many kinds of radio including the college and university radio, the commercial radio and the community radio.

Each of these targets a different audience, and collectively, they form a large network of people who listen to those speaking behind the microphone. Contact us to learn more about radio promotion, and how it’s still important in addressing and engaging the audience for music.

Commercial radio has become a bit difficult to land for young musicians since it promotes and prefers huge bands, who are already supported by many. For an indie artist, college and university radio, and the local community radio are the perfect places, to begin with. Once you gain a considerable fame an audience on these smaller radios, you would love to step forward towards the commercial radio.

We are here to conduct radio promotion for your music. We are the ones who would be contacting the station managers and the show hosts on your behalf, and we are the ones who would analyze the target audience for different shows before promoting your music to ensure that your music reaches the targeted audience. Get in touch for a free consultation today, and let’s discuss ways to scale your career.

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