Marketing your music is highly dependent upon release strategies. As an aspiring music artist, you must always have an eagle’s eye view on the release strategy of the renowned musicians or the eminent DJs. Do you think that they randomly come up with a release whenever their song or album is ready?

Our research indicated that musicians, on average release about 10 to 12 tracks per year. That makes about one track per month. But why are releasing strategies important? How is the success of a record related to its release? Want to know more about releasing strategies to maximize your upcoming sales? Contact us today for a consultation session and get your queries resolved.

Product cycles are significant in marketing since they help us understand why it’s vital to schedule releases rather than spontaneously releasing content. According to this cycle, every product can be monitored via a graph, where there is a curve for increased popularity and sales, followed by a decline in the sale over time. That is simply because every release or product has a lifespan, after which it needs to be replaced by a new one.

The same goes for releasing tracks where we need to monitor an approximate period before scheduling a release. Contact us today before you make your music publish. We offer a free consultation session, and we shall lead you to an active release strategy for your music that not only converts but also keeps your audience engaged and continuously updated.

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