Everything begins from scratch, and the scratch for a struggling artist is a single song. Many of the artists are intimidated when they are asked to do song marketing, and let their music reach the audience without any leaps and bounds. They seem nervous when they are asked to do marketing of a song; a single song. But that’s just one side of the canvas. We need to believe that the trends for music are continually changing.

You get a piece of music designed, and you upload it on music platforms like Spotify, iTunes, apple music, SoundCloud, and many others. But does this make your song go viral? Is this all you can do for your song? If you think so, then you are doing injustice to your song. Marketing songs comprises of a series of initiatives that you can take to let the world know about your music. How do you suppose to gain sales if no one in the world knows about you or your song?

Secondly, marketing a song is important because of the saturation of the music industry. In a place where everyone is struggling for fame, success and recognition, if you believe that standing still, and taking no initiative for your song marketing would make you successful anyway, then you would eventually be left upon the mercy of time no matter how talented you are or how engaging your music is.

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As we have discussed before, the trends in music are always changing. People tend to listen or buy single songs more as compared to a complete album. But this opportunity is not that simple as it seems. There are a lot of musicians who are marketing songs instead of collections, and you need to come up with something different if you want to step up eminent, among others. Before we begin with song marketing plans that any aspiring musicians can execute, let’s have a look on some merits of single song marketing these days.
  • Marketing a song costs less as price and effort as compared to marketing a whole album.
  • Instead of releasing an album over a long period, you can periodically release music whenever you are ready with a song. Marketing a song has been found more beneficial to achieve a higher rank in the playlists.
  • Marketing song offers less risk and time as compared to marketing an album or a list of songs. In this way, you can search, experiment, and implement different song marketing practices rather than sticking to only one.
  • Modern music trends include listeners who prefer singles instead of labels and albums. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about vinyl or CD for a single track.


A wise man will also address the essential things and come up with an effective plan on how he will manage those things. As a musician who is thinking about his song marketing, and dreaming about success, you also need to address the reasons, the possible threats, and how would you cope with them. So, it’s better to assess the “how’s” early, and marketing songs should be the next step.
  • How will you engage your audience? And what plans do you have to keep them interested in your content?
  • How will marketing songs help you over time in your music career?
  • How will you gain a new audience, and how would you address and cope with their expectations regarding music?
  • Can a single song and an effective song marketing help you boost your sales more than an album and album marketing?
And the list goes on. It is virtually not that simple to conduct a productive and successful song marketing campaign. Music production is something else, whereas music promotion is something else. Both of them work in different time zones, and both require a proper understanding and effective planning.


Your existing fans are the people that deserve most of your respect and time. You can interact with them regularly through social media. Social media has become the best platform for online promotions, marketing, and content creation. You can either select Instagram, Facebook, or twitter depending upon your fans, and you can keep them notified with the latest updates. Apart from posting content and updates on your account, you should also schedule live sessions where your loved ones can get in contact with you, share their requests and questions and you may take moments to spread smiles on the valuable fans.

These fans are probably the best means of indirect marketing of song, and they would bring you more and more audience as they would spread your content in their social circle. So, in the struggle of song marketing and in the haste of climbing the ladder of success, don’t forget to keep your old fans with you, because you owe your success to them and their valuable support.


It all depends upon content. If you are addressing a 6.7 billion global audience that listens to music, just one song won’t be enough to make you evident. Quality of the content matters, and so does the quantity. Those who like your song would expect more from you. So, before you officially step into song marketing and release your first song on platforms such as iTunes, apple music, and Spotify, make sure that you have a reasonable content ready, which you would be uploading in the future.

Even if you are not getting the results as expected initially, you should continue posting more and more music content for your audience. This not only shows your dedication to your work and your passion for music, but it also maintains the interest of your audience. Moreover, you should share your content virtually on all platforms; from music applications such as SoundCloud and Spotify to social media, including Instagram and Twitter. You can also keep your audience notified with your mailing list, and you should link all your content to your official music website as well. And while you are posting your content, don’t forget your song marketing throughout the process, because it is something that will bring listeners to your music.


Most of us believe that social media would be sufficient for song marketing. Indeed, social media is undoubtedly an excellent platform for marketing songs. It is the best online platform for digital marketing, as well. But is it sufficient to make you the king of music? Is it enough to make you the next Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez of the music world?

Apart from that, does your song marketing on social media provides all the information about you and your content to your fans? Not. Moreover, social media is not a permanent thing. Fan pages take a moment to vanish, and as we all know that Facebook is already on the verge of decline. Under these conditions, you should have something that is permanent and provides complete information from your first music release to your recent song. A well-designed, robust website is what you essentially need for your song marketing.

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