Our whole business (from vision to the mission) revolves around music marketing. Since we are in it, we wish to communicate with you as early as possible to solve your music marketing concerns.

Since we are serving the musicians and artists, we need to draw your attention towards target audience sourcing. Not only a musician should know about his/her fans, but every person should also know how to address the right fans and audience. The right audience brings in the correct value anyone deserves, and the wrong audience can become a nightmare

To evaluate the target audience, a term that is commonly used is known as personas workshop in the world of marketing. This is done frequently to include a new target audience and exclude the inactive audience. A short explanation might facilitate you.

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We work with selected newcomer artists, established acts and festival / event brands. In the initial (& free) consultation call, we determine, if you or your brand are a match for our agency.

Some goals in the form of questions are set to identify and understand the target audience:
  • What is the profession of my target fan?
  • How did he/she spend his/her spare time?
  • Does the target fan achieve anything by listening to my music content or intends to make it?
  • What is the age range of my target fan? Is he/she a teenager?
The personas workshop works to achieve a specific goal which is an insight into the target audience. Planning an effective target audience sourcing involves a deep understanding of the audience such as their affection to music, their communication, the kind of music that imparts into their soul, and many other such related aspects.

Get in contact with us today, to learn more about targeted audience sourcing, because addressing the right audience, can lead to much more productive outcomes, rather than struggling on a random audience.

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